Touraine - from then until now!

This blog is an attempt to show some of the vast history of Man's prescence in the Southern Touraine.... from first footfall to the present....
especially in and around le Grand Pressigny area.... with special emphasis on life at and around le Moulin de la Forge.
There will also be occasional entries about time before man was here and when the area was at the bottom of a warm, shallow sea...

Saturday, 4 April 2015

A damp squib

Today is 4th April 2015, Our clipping is precisely 100 years old.

It wasn't the Gazette de France.


Thank you for your help, Christian Bach, but it was in vain.

I am now going to contact the librarian/archivist at Chambord to find out about the fire in the beginning of April 1915.  Could it be possible after all these years that they have a copy of the clipping too?


Susan said...

Bummer! But the stories have been fascinating, and your style is really engaging. I've greatly enjoyed reading the stories.

Pollygarter said...

Thank you Susan! I have so much more to come, I think I have to write a book about Swoboda, I can't work out what kind of an animal he was, and nobody's done it before. Was he a spy? Was he just an ass? Was he hiding in plain sight? Was he a Mason?

And what's this darned paper? If it's in the BNF, it's not in their on line collection. The Venizelos article is word for word exactly the same, but with different guttering the words break in different places. The Gazette de France doesn't have a drippy serial.